Use of innovative services of JSC "Devus" during installation of e. commercial solutions

JSC "Devus" is implementing a project where it aims to integrate external and automate internal operational processes. Creating and implementing innovative e. business models, the e-site will digitize many operational processes that were previously done manually. A new modern and up-to-date electronic website will be created, which will not only provide customer self-service options with order tracking and other functions, but will also introduce a new service administration system.

The planned result of the project is to create and implement new digital solutions for customer self-service and electronic website, which will be focused on smoother and more productive use of the company's services.

The project is financed with JSC "Devus" own funds and funds of the European Regional Development Fund as a measure of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with the 2014-2020 Priority Measure No. 13 of the Investment Action Program of the Union Funds. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860 E-commerce model COVID-19". 48,525.00 EUR has been allocated for the implementation of the project from the European Regional Development Fund. The entire project budget - 64,700.00 EUR.

The name of the project - The implementation of the e-commerce model at JSC "Devus".

Project implementation period - 2022.02.15 - 2023.02.17.